Tiger Prawn Tails ( 11/15 Shell On EASY PEEL 45% glaze )

Tiger Prawn Tails ( 11/15 Shell On EASY PEEL 45% glaze )


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Tiger Shrimp: Very popular Shrimp type due to the relatively low price. They are primarily from Asia where there are called Black Tiger Shrimp. They have black and gray coloured shells. When cooked they have a bright red shell and the meat is white. Black Tiger Shrimp shrink more than other Shrimp when cooked. King Prawn s also known as Pacific White Shrimp is a variety of prawn originating from the eastern Pacific Ocean They are among the most widely cultivated shrimp in the world. This is due mainly to ease of cultivation and rapid growth rate; harvesting begins after 120 days. They can reach up to 23 cm; the body is translucent white King Prawns thus the common name "white shrimp". The raw meat is white but turns whitish pink when cooked



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