Organic Sea Trout

Organic Sea Trout (1kg)

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The fish are farmed organically. The organic requirements for sea trout are similar to those of organic salmon. The four main criteria are: Feed The feed must be from a sustainable source, which includes any fish meal, which must be produced from waste materials from fish factories.The minimum amount of space available to each fish is significantly larger than those normally given to farmed fish. This reduces stress on the fish and results in low disease incidence. Medicines Routine medicines are often applied in the intensive fish farming industry. This is not allowed under organic regulations, as with organic mammal farming. Management methods aimed at reducing stress and disease incidence are used to avoid the need for prophylactic medicines.  Strict animal welfare rules are applied to the production and handling of the fish. These fish are farmed to standards set by the Organic Food Federation. As a result, in order to achieve the colour, naturally occurring yeast is included in the diet. In our organic salmon, which use Soil Association standards, shells of prawns and other crustatia are used. Whilst we normally adhere to the Soil Association standards in our products, as there is no Sea Tout produced to the Soil Association standards. We consider that the use of yeast as a colourant is not sufficiently serious to not stock the fish, and leave it to our customers to decide.



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